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Interactive Whiteboards and the end of EQ magazine

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After 15 years of publishing educational material of the highest standard, EQA magazine is to close. The Curriculum Corporation (Australia) who publish EQ have said, “With the advent of a National Curriculum in 2011 the time has come to close the pages of EQ Australia in print format”. I still don’t understand why.

However, the website will apparently remain, and a couple of articles from each edition are available for free download. EQ Australia

The current issue, the second-to-last, has a terrific article by Penny Ryder titled “An Interactive Whiteboard…What Next?” In this piece, Panny presents ten very straightforward things to do with an IWB for a teacher who is new to this technology – and there are plenty of them about!

An excellent piece – thanks Penny! You can read her blog here.


Written by Damien Morgan

November 19, 2009 at 7:15 pm

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Using Google

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I attended a Windows 7 launch a few days ago. Unfortunately, the Microsoft presenter had been called back to Sydney, so we made do with the local guy who “had seen the presentation a couple of times”. Hmm,  a bad start -obviously we are less important than Sydney folk. I was less then blown away. I was initially, and still am I suppose, curious as to Microsoft’s choice of name for this system update. Mac System 7 (specifically 7.1) was a ground-breaking and excitiong piece of software released 18 years ago. Sitting , as I was at a breakfast table, along with invited others from various industries, we decided to amuse ourselves by counting the references to Vista (two, and neither were positive, in a half-hour. Many references to XP, however). But what we should have counted were what appeared to be Microsoft’s catch-ups.

At the risk of sounding a little bit pathetic, Windows 7 appeared to be more about catching up to the Macintosh system 10.x and, of all things, Google.

And that got me thinking about (a) just what was available through Google, and (b) why a software megalith would be concerned about competing with a free website.

Question (b) is probably easier to answer. My guess is that it’s about power and control. ‘You have paid for our package, so why go anywhere else? Stay with us. We’ll look after you [imagine a big warm smile]’.

The first question is answered at Online Colleges. I don’t know how complete this list is, but why would you go anywhere else (please don’t take that literally – my point is that there is much to make use of at Google)

100+ Google Tricks That Will Save You Time In School

Written by Damien Morgan

November 2, 2009 at 7:13 am