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Technology used on the Canberra trip

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While on the trip I write about below, I kept a daily blog primarily to keep parents informed of where we were and what we were doing. You can see the result here.

This was the first time I had tried to do this (actually it was the second time I had tried, but my previous experience two years previously had died on day one due to technology restrictions), and I was really surprised and pleased with the response from parents and grandparents (and an aunty).

To make it all work, I used the following bits and pieces:

  • an Acer Extensa laptop computer
  • a Sony Cybershot digital camera
  • Blogger
  • Word
  • Picasa
  • Fireworks
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Telstra pre-paid mobile broadband

On almost every occasion everything worked perfectly.

I would be interested in hearing about other hardware/software used successfully (or not) by readers when they have been away from home for a similar experience.


Written by Damien Morgan

December 14, 2009 at 6:08 pm

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